This is the No-Code Movement

Appify is an enterprise-grade no-code platform that makes it easy to deliver sophisticated mobile apps to your employees and customers.

Apps in Minutes, Not Months

A platform that abstracts from the backend code so that you can quickly drag-and-drop your apps into being.

No More One-Size-Fits-All

Don’t adjust your business process for rigid software. The software should serve your business process.

Stop the SaaS Chaos

Deliver apps for everything your business needs from one central platform. A uniform experience for users and admins alike.

Unify Behind the Scenes

Our no-code platform offers a unified and centralized backend whether you store data with Appify or connect to other data sources.

Powerful apps

No-code does not mean simple. Secure, scalable with sophisticated functionality to build any app you need.

Enterprise-Grade Strength

A platform that has the security and scalability that your business, and your IT team, requires.

People matter

At Appify, the people on our team are like family so making sure we all believe in the same values is important to us.

Customers come first

If our customers aren’t successful, then we aren’t successful. We will never leave the software at the door, but instead go deep and make sure our customers are actively getting value out of Appify.

Diverse from the start

We deeply believe in building a diverse team from the very beginning. Bringing more experience and perspectives makes us stronger, faster and more innovative.

Challenge the status quo

We take nothing for granted and do not accept the way things are. Powerful apps can be built with drag-and-drop functionality; a start-up can fundamentally change an industry.

Be your fun, authentic self

We like to have fun (and we love to pun), but we can’t stand politics and grandstanding. We will come as we are: transparent and truthful.

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Changing the world of technology requires a diverse team of innovators, risk-takers, and customer-focused experts. Join us.

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