Who can become a Certified Appify Reseller?

Explore if you can be part of the Appify Reseller Program. Add Flex to the mix of products and services you offer to your customers

Systems Integrators

Technology Services providers to mid-market and Enterprise businesses

Ready to Grow

You have 100 to 2,000 employees, and are ambitious to see the next wave of growth

Global Outreach

A well-established marketing, sales and customer success engine

B2B & SaaS

Rich expertise in CRM, ERP, supply chain solutions in any vertical

Why should you consider the Appify Reseller Program?

Customer service processes can be highly nuanced due to the number of variables involved. Now add to the mix that your channel service partners are not the same either and place varying demands on your service systems.



Create a guaranteed line of recurring revenue that can not only de-risk your resource intensive business but you can invest in upskilling of your organization.



It is a well known fact that businesses with a predictable line of growing recurring revenue demand higher market valuations. Increase your chances of successful outcomes.



Systems Integrators are becoming increasingly undifferentiated in this flat-earth economy. Stand out from your competitors by delivering long-lasting value to your customers.

How does it work?


– Assess your opportunity – Identify resources – Finalize pricing & ramp plan


– GTM enablement – scripts, collateral, demo – Services enablement – provisioning, implementation, L1 & L2 support


– Joint go-to-market trial – Cadence to review progress – Feedback & improve

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