Turbo Is Now on the AWS Marketplace

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Turbo’s mission is to help our field service customers easily build no-code mobile apps so that they can move faster, be more efficient—and maintain that speed and flexibility on a continuous basis. So it only makes sense that implementing the Turbo solution that enables all of that should be simple, as well. That’s why today we launched Turbo on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace. With Turbo now in the AWS Marketplace, AWS customers can get up and running quickly and build their own field service mobile apps in days, not months. Turbo is also available to AWS Virtual Private Cloud customers so they can create their own apps within a private cloud environment, adding an additional layer of security and control.

The needs of the enterprise organization are converging with those of the small to medium-size businesses. Each, in the very near future, will need simple, fast app development and deployment to be proactive in their reaction to new opportunities. By empowering employees with the ability to retrieve and input business data in real-time, any business can realize an increase in revenue and customer satisfaction. A recent Gartner survey showed that by 2020, business leaders believe mobile apps will have the most impact on their success. A big reason for that is the 2.7 billion deskless workers (80% of the global workforce) that rely on mobile devices to get their work done.

At the same time, Gartner’s survey also found that the biggest barrier to app development is the need for business and IT alignment. Turbo takes the friction out of the business and IT relationship with simple no-code drag-and-drop app creation capability—all done within an IT-compliant environment. And companies that can quickly build no-code apps and deploy those apps across the organization hold a clear competitive advantage.

Connecting Turbo with the AWS Marketplace is just one of the ways that we are making it easy for companies to use Turbo with the systems they already have in place. Today, Turbo connects with more than 140 business and IT data sources.

Turbo is available now on the AWS Marketplace, and we are committed to expanding the footprint of our field service mobile app solution to more platforms and business systems in the future.

About the Author Hari Subramanian is the founder & CTO of Appify. Prior to Appify, Hari was the co-founder and CTO of ServiceMax, the field service management company acquired by GE Digital in 2017 for $1 billion. Hari has built a 30-year long career in Enterprise B2B applications covering ERP, CRM, Workflow Management and Document Imaging for a wide range of industries & customers around the world. He is a passionate technologist, informed & opinionated, intense & relentless, and happy to have had a very successful entrepreneurial journey.
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