TURBO Field Service Customers: Adjusting to the New Normal

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It would be an understatement to say that we are all impacted by COVID-19. We wake to morning briefings and end our days with the hope that we are at the peak and flattening the curve. And between our mornings and nights, thousands of healthcare workers are safeguarding instead of sheltering.

Also on the frontlines are those within the field service industry who repair and maintain the essential equipment that keeps our hospital equipment running, the electricity on, our internet up, our supermarkets open, and our food delivered. All things that make it possible for us to safely stay home, at a distance.

Last week, we invited two of our customers to discuss how they continue to deliver quality service while facing the realities of today’s unprecedented circumstances. Service industry veterans Rodger Smecler of United Service Technologies and Blake Tarana of GDT Repair / Tim Hortons shared:

  • How they are managing a mobile workforce during this crisis
  • The technology they leverage for their remote workforce
  • Creative ways they’ve pivoted their business plans
  • How to ensure their business can come back even stronger
  • How important it is for small businesses to apply for PPP loan (Paycheck Protection Program)

You can watch the entire discussion here.

To all those on the front lines such as our health care workers and field technicians, we at Turbo Systems say thank you.


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