Improve Customer Experience with a Single-Pane-of-Glass Solution


5 Key Requirements to Break Down Data Silos

Trying to find the best way to to move forward and improve customer experience? You and your employees may be experiencing data and system overload that is weighing down the customer experience. There is a solution other than; 1. Have employees wrestle with the systems on their own, 2. Consolidate all the systems in a lengthy technical integration process.

Commonly referred to as a single-pane of glass solution, businesses can add an experience layer on top of all of the existing systems and create a consolidated view connecting all that disparate data into one ‘window’.

For Customer Success and Support focused companies this is especially compelling for managing all their customer data and touchpoints. Update a customer record once and the single-pane-of-glass technology handles updating however many back-end systems need to be updated.

Read this paper to get 5 requirements for a no-code solution that can be that layer between employees and the many systems of data they deal with at every customer interaction.

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