Appify for partners: TataMD enables lab partners to deliver diagnostic tests to consumers

A Healthcare Innovator’s RAD Moment: Building 5 COVID-19 applications in 5 weeks, integrated to disparate data sources and made available to their partner network.

TataMD offers medical technology services with a mission to build a world-class diagnostics and medical solutions organization. When the pandemic hit, TataMD needed to quickly build apps for the labs that would deliver their COVID-19 tests to consumers.  The challenge: how could they  enable all of their lab partners to easily  collect, process, and deliver test results throughout all of India – and be ready to launch in just a month? They didn’t quite know it yet, but TataMD was having their RAD moment.

TataMD built user-friendly applications for their partner network

With Appify, TataMD was able to better mobilize and optimize their external lab partner network, connecting them to the systems they need in real-time that allowed their lab partners to deliver important COVID-19 tests to consumers.

Are you looking to manage and deploy important resources and information to your partner networks in real-time?