Safely deploy enterprise-grade software

The Appify platform offers the highest levels of reliability, far-reaching end-to-end encryption, and fine-grained level of auditing, and has undergone rigorous quality assurance and testing for stability.

We use AWS as our primary cloud infrastructure provider and offer virtual private cloud deployments for customers that want maximum deployment flexibility, secured access to on-premise data centers, and granular resource control.

Secure access control

Appify uses a combination of authorization frameworks and access control configurations to manage secured access for each isolated tenant data and its resources.

  • OAuth 2.0 Authorization
  • Identity and access management
  • Access control
  • Certificate and secrets management

Amazon Web Services

Appify is deployed on AWS and available through the AWS Marketplace.

With Appify and AWS, customers get:

  • The highest network availability
  • Zero downtime for deployment of all apps
  • Continuous monitoring & optimization
  • Scale & performance
  • Privacy
  • Transport security
  • Database encryption at rest
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