Transform your course registration experience this Fall

Give your students, advisors and deans a streamlined platform to engage with efficiently and effectively. Appify provides a single pane of glass experience on top of your higher ed platforms, eliminating user anxiety and technology bottlenecks.

Configurable & Extensible

No need to rip and replace your education systems. Appify can connect to your systems to deliver a dynamic and targeted planning experience while preserving the integrity of the underlying education platforms. No customization, only configuration.

Automated Enrolment

With an open enrolment approach to planning combined with registration automation, Appify removes stress on students and other stakeholders. IT is no longer required to actively manage the spike in demand on systems and human resources.

Guided User Experience

Appify gives a contextualized view of where the student is with respect to their academic goals, and how they can get there. It eliminates all guesswork from the registration process by showing what is relevant and giving real-time feedback on goals.

One solution, endless benefits

Appify brings together all the stakeholders of course planning on a single platform. Your users no longer need to switch between multiple clunky inflexible systems to access relevant information or perform the required tasks. Best of all, every aspect of this experience is configurable!

Improved CSAT

Your students are your primary customers. Deliver a memorable and hassle-free planning experience to win their hearts!

Reduced IT Costs

IT can focus on other priorities by preserving the existing architecture and avoiding custom software.

Process Efficiency

Streamlined flow from planning to registration to exceptions significantly increases efficiency across the board.

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The Fall semester is approaching and the stress of the course registration process looms at the back of everyone’s minds. The university administrators know there will be endless backlog, IT knows the students will submit tickets for conflicts, and students know they may not get the course, or even into the platform.

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•Feedback and participation in Appify product roadmap
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