The right information to the right people

Your mobile workforce may never log into your ERP, and that’s ok. With Appify, you can give your teams access to the specific data they need wherever it is located. Whether you choose to use our REST APIs or an existing Appify integration, Appify makes it easy to put information back into the hands of your workforce. Your mobile teams can spend less time on searching, entering data, and accessing multiple systems, and more time helping customers.

Need something unique? Try a Remote Data Source.

Using a Remote Data Source (RDS) in Appify Studio allows you to create virtual data models and build apps instantly. These virtual models can then be connected to any external systems via REST APIs.

Appify pre-built connectors

Easily connect to the most common data sources with Appify's pre-built connectors. Don't see your data source listed? No problem. Talk to us about our APIs and other connection options.

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Modernize your existing systems

Learn how to extend your investments using the Appify no-code platform to build apps for your business.

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