How does it work?

Make a plan

Map out the business process you want to digitize.

Set up Appify Flex

Create fields, 1-to-many connections, and build a database unique to you.

View Appify Flex

Connect your data

Already have a data source? Set up a connection through an API, Zapier, Jitterbit or use a pre-built Appify connector.

View Connectors

Create your app

Build a workflow with forms, flows, maps, calendars, signatures, and more.

Powerful app functionality

Easily pick from a wide range of actions and functions to create your app workflow.

On My Way! Functionality

Appify users can now deliver OMW functionality to their customers.

  • Deliver a delightful customer experience
  • Eliminate the frustration of the text and email back-and-forth when arriving
  • Make it easy for customers to be prepared for your arrival

Automate an action

Create, clone, and manage workflows to guide users through a business process.

  • Advance, skip, or branch a workflow
  • Validate or calculate data
  • Use “silent actions” to auto-trigger events
  • Automatically capture data: date, time, location

Add a form

Use forms to capture and validate important data.

  • Search, update, and add records
  • Validate data as it’s entered
  • Work offline and auto-sync when online

Get a signature

Complete your work or agree on a deal with digital signatures.

  • Easily capture multiple signatures
  • Merge signatures into branded documents
  • Send rich PDFs to customers, partners, and others

Include a checklist

Create checklists to help your team capture everything accurately.

  • Add dynamic branching and validation
  • Build a reusable question bank or template
  • Choose data field types: images, video, and more

See it on a map

View, track and update all of your assets, customers, or warehouses on a Map.

  • Map any data from any source
  • Color code to best suit your needs
  • Overlay data points and information

Create a calendar

Schedule, manage and organize your work from multiple calendars.

  • Create an unlimited number of calendars
  • Color code calendar events to best suit your needs

Capture Images

Capture pictures and videos while on-site to improve data collection.

  • Unlimited pictures or videos for more detail
  • Annotate to highlight areas of concern
  • Connect to a work order or customer record

Send a report

Create a professional PDF document for quotes, progress reports, or work orders.

  • Create PDF with quotes, notes, and signatures
  • Include your brand in the template
  • Email the PDF with a single click

Deploying your custom apps

Zero downtime

Automatically package and deploy apps to any user

Easily iterate

Introduce specific tasks and flows with fine level of control

No-risk deployment

Rollout status occurs almost immediately and rollback capabilities are tracked

Increase adoption

Empower your users by providing them with a streamlined experience

Modernize your existing systems

modernize legacy apps cover

Learn how innovative companies are extending the life of their existing systems with apps using the Appify no-code platform.

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