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Appify for Manufacturers

Rapid application development enables your manufacturing firm to create applications that easily connect your teams, suppliers, and assets. Build applications that run your business and allow for continuous improvement in manufacturing and assets.

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Get a 360-degree view of all assets

Reduce paper processes and get proactive with your customers.

Always know the location and status of all assets

and access a complete service history any time

Reduce asset downtime

by proactively delivering service

Ensure accurate data is captured

with data validation and guided workflows

Increase tech productivity

by delivering a complete customer, asset and service history on a mobile device

How to build an application for manufacturing companies


Easily create custom fields to the unique specifications of the assets you manage


Validate data as it is entered, guide techs through a custom workflow


Automatically capture geo location of assets


Capture serial numbers, key attributes, and service dates while onsite to ensure accuracy and completeness

25 hours saved
Partners Technologies saves 25 hours/week managing ATM machines across multiple states
14 automated reports
Exact Crane produces 14 reports on the health of each Crane in their fleet.

Learn how an electronics manufacturer saved $1M in development costs with Appify

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As an organization with roughly 14,000 employees, $3 billion in yearly revenue, and hundreds of homegrown applications, the size of this manufacturer posed a problem. Like many companies of this size, its infrastructure consisted of large systems of record like Salesforce and Oracle E-business Suite, as well as others that it had acquired through acquisitions and in-flight migrations.

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