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Appify for Healthcare

Rapid application development enables your medical and healthcare enterprise to create applications that easily connect medical workers, labs, examiners, and patients to the data they need. Build applications that run your enterprise and allow for continuous improvement in healthcare and medical sector.

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Build applications for healthcare and medical organizations

Improve access to healthcare and sharing of data digitally across patients, medical professionals, and organizations in the healthcare and medical sector.

Securely digitize paper processes

Build applications that push your organization towards continuous improvement and digitization by switching away from paper processes.

Connect medical professionals to data

Build applications that connect your teams of medical professionals to the labs, hospitals, and other teams they interact with for scheduling, results, and more.

Connect patients to their data

Build applications that provide up-to-date and real-time information to patients to encourage safety, knowledge, and improved access to healthcare.

How to build an application for medical and healthcare organizations


Build a workflow in Appify that easily addresses the needs of your medical professionals and their patients.


Allow your medical and healthcare teams and customers to interact in real-time and share and update data as needed.


Develop more complexity and allow changes to be updated automatically based on the information received across the various web and mobile applications.


Have an easy-to-deploy mobile application that your medical patients or professionals could engage with and download.


Email detailed and branded reports in minutes to the medical professionals from labs and other institutions they need to connect with.

Learn how medical lab TataMD built 5 applications in 5 days

TataMD used Appify to enable all of their lab partners to easily collect, process, and deliver test results to patients.

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