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Appify for Financial Institutions

Rapid application development enables your financial institution to create applications that integrate to any legacy systems and data without the need for rip-and-replace. Build applications that run your institution and allow for continuous improvement in financial services without compromising existing workflows and technology.

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Send the bid. Win the business.

Drastically increase your win rate by wowing your prospects with a professional proposal in minutes.

Increase win rate

by creating and submitting quotes faster

Impress prospects

with very detailed and personalized proposal documents

Optimize your sales process

by analyzing win rates for each type of quote

How to build an application for financial insitututions, banks, and credit unions


Create, update and email customized project bids or quotes while onsite


Create workflows to guide sales reps through creating a quote


Apply quote templates with your brand: import templates from MS Word


Sync data to Salesforce or other datasource


Work offline with automatic sync when connected again


Capture signatures, photos, or notes and connect to customer record

5 min quote
Nichols Crane sends a quote in 5 mins instead of 30 days
1 gorgeous proposal
Maestro Food Equipment sends a gorgeous branded proposal to all their customers

Learn how rapid application development can benefit your financial institution

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At Appify, we believe the solution to managing legacy technology is not to switch out of the systems your business relies on but rather to build a custom application that sits on top of existing systems and data with a user-friendly experience is a solution to these pain points. Appify allows you to harness the power of your existing systems, languages, and data, while serving modern needs of your team.

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