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Appify for Field Service

Rapid application development enables field service organizations to create applications that easily connect your contract workers to your data, systems, assets, and customers in real-time. Build applications that run your business and allow for continuous improvement in field service.

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Build applications for field service

Get rid of paperwork. Launch an Appify application for all your field service needs.

Increase tech efficiency

by eliminating manual processes with a mobile app

Collect cash sooner

by invoicing faster with a Quickbooks cloud integration

Increase customer satisfaction

by giving techs a 360-degree view of the customer’s incident and work order history

Ensure compliance and accuracy

with pick-lists, validated forms and rules-based workflows that make sure techs enter data correctly the first time

How to build an application for field service

On My Way! Phone and Tablet

On My Way experience by eliminating the frustration of the text and email back-and-forth when arriving


Easily view, update and add work orders on any phone or tablet


Capture signatures, photos with annotations, and notes for the job


Validate data as it is entered, guide techs through a custom workflow


Layer parts, and inventory, locations and job site locations on an interactive map


Timestamp activity such as time spent on site, time to travel, and time to base

Work offline with automatic sync when connected again


View, update and manage customer records from your mobile device

25 hours saved
Partner in Tech field techs save 25 hours per week by eliminating manual work.
10x faster
An enterprise medical device company can now deliver compliance reporting in minutes instead of days.
5 min invoice
GDT Repair reduced time to invoice from 15 days to 5 minutes.

Learn how rapid application development impacts field service

rapid application development for field service

Learn how Exact Crane minimized equipment downtime, improved repair efficiency, and digitized their paper operations with Appify’s Rapid Application Development platform.

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