Improving Your Customer’s Last Mile Experience

Presented by Director of Services, Agni Ananda, he explores the impacts of change within our world and what we can do to ensure that each one of our customers gets the best “Last Mile Experience” possible.

What you will learn:

  • Digital transformational steps to improve customer satisfaction
  • How a no-code platform can be designed and used to make your business more agile
  • How communication, correcting and caring can be key to improving customer relationships with your business


About the Author Agni Ananda is the Director of Services at Appify. His mission is to do everything possible to make sure customers succeed in their business goals. Agni works with customers and internal teams to ensure that the comprehensive voice of the customer is reflected in the company’s corporate strategy and execution. Prior to Appify, Agni was an early employee at ServiceMax leading teams implementing field service solutions for a variety of customers and industries for over 10 years. Agni has built a 15-year career in Enterprise B2B Applications covering, CRM, ERP, Field Services and Integration. Agni resides in the sunny state of California but has lived and worked in many countries and loves to take vacations off-the-beaten-path. He has many adventures and stories that he is happy to share.
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