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Partners Tech Services

Surveying ATMs, vaults and bank security with a mobile app

Partners Technology Services surveys ATMs and bank vaults for some of the world’s largest companies. Appify helped them replace their manual information-gathering process with a mobile app that allows them to do more jobs per week and grow the business.

The Appify difference:

  • 20-minute surveys now take 5 minutes, saving 25+ employee hours per week
  • Surveys are more accurate and easily turned into customer reports
  • Eliminated rekeying and data entry for more accurate surveys
  • Quickly add features to meet growing customer needs
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Construction customers

Exact Crane

Upgrading technician productivity

Exact Crane handles rentals, sales, repair, and maintenance for >150 cranes. The company’s paper-based processes for inventory, customer service history, and work order repair left them unable to easily access account info, track assets and inventory, and gather data for proper servicing.

The Appify difference:

  • App includes 7 service issue checklists, 14 output documents for condition reports, and ability to attach photos directly.
  • Minimized equipment downtime and improved repair efficiency
  • Moved full crane inventory online
  • Improved technician productivity and utilization and service attach rate
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Enterprise Technology Company

Modernizing the employee experience

This large equipment provider struggled with a legacy system whose archaic user experience was hard to maintain and lacked the flexibility to address process variations across regions. Using Appify, their IT team quickly conceived, built, and launched user-friendly apps on top of their existing Oracle systems, avoiding a lengthy, costly deployment of a new tech stack.

The Appify difference:

  • Breathed new life into existing Oracle investments
  • Offered employees a modern, user-friendly experience
  • Quickly deployed solutions to line-of-business counterparts
  • Gave IT team a no-code platform to increase their speed and agility
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Medical and healthcare

Tata Medical & Diagnostics

Comprehensive, end-to-end COVID test apps

In 2020, Tata Medical & Diagnostics, a division of Tata International, developed a rapid COVID-19 test and was asked by the Indian government to launch it as fast as possible. In just weeks, TataMD and Appify built and launched a series of apps that span scheduling, on-my-way, job management, quality assurance, and data collection, with specific interfaces and transparency for consumers, doctors, sample collectors, and more.

The Appify difference:

  • Rapid development delivered 5 new apps in just days
  • Apps deliver robust and adaptable feature sets
  • Consumers stay engaged with their own testing process
  • Lab techs can easily verify every testing stage
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Moving services

Other customers

Relo Solutions Group

Centralizing multiple systems with a mobile app

Relo provides a wide variety of moving- related specialty tasks. Their new Appify App centralizes a process for billing jobs which once included multiple steps between vendors and Relo’s billing team that uses several systems, including custom software and QuickBooks Enterprise.

The Appify difference:

  • Cut data entry time by 30 minutes per file for 10,000 files annually
  • Billing department can review and approve invoices with a single click
  • Service techs can accept a job and click once when on site to see all tasks associated with that job.
  • Appify’s flexibility and adaptability enables industry expansion
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