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Rodger Smelcer, Co-Founder and Vice President of United Service Technologies. talks about how his company is embracing the building of Field Service focused apps on the Turbo Platform.


Industry: Facility Management, Grocery, Retail

United Service Technologies (UST) prides itself on being a “one-stop service solution” for supermarket hot-side equipment. This includes the service, maintenance, and a bit of predictive maintenance on everything from fryers and slicers to ovens and rotisserie. With a proven track record of quality service over the decades, they have earned the trust of their customers by offering a way to help reduce their customer’s equipment downtime so that they can do what they do best, service supermarket patrons. UST currently employs over 100 individuals, of which 82 are dispatched field technicians that service over 2,500 supermarket locations in California, Texas, and Nevada.


UST is experiencing tremendous growth. They recently picked up a major national supermarket chain with over 700 locations. And in those locations, UST will be servicing up to 80 pieces of equipment in each location. Their big challenge is not only hiring and training technicians but enabling them to go from zero to productive as quickly as possible with their old solutions and systems. In addition, they were looking for a solution that would be flexible enough to scale and align with their unique business needs instead of force-fitting them into a pre-determined method of working based on the software they were using. Rodger Smelcer, Vice President and co-founder of UST, believed in both those cases, that Turbo Systems was the solution.


By choosing to migrate their field technicians onto the Turbo Platform, According to Rodger, “With Turbo’s intuitive platform, we can now deliver sophisticated apps that allow UST to innovate and embrace new technology to fulfill the promise of service excellence and customer focus on a continuous basis. Thanks to capabilities within Turbo such as custom workflows, UST can now keep their field technician focused precisely on what they need to be doing on any given work order. “When the field team is performing predictive maintenance work, it’s easy for technicians to get off track. Our goal is to help put them in a tunnel and not let them proceed to the next step until the first step is finished.”, said Rodger. “ For one customer, we’re responsible for 289 different pieces of equipment. Because they change machines brands change often, the models of the machines will change. We would need to be able to change the steps in our workflow checklists just as often. Having the ability to do that ourselves and not have to farm that out to another company to help us with is not only less expensive, but it’s more efficient.”

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