The Next Big Shift in Field Service since the Cloud

As we start our recovery from the pandemic, a major force is about to sweep the Field Service industry. No, it is not remote resolutions, predictive intelligence or outcome-based models. While all of these have their legitimate roles in shaping a highly dynamic industry, I anticipate a major shift from the traditional workforce models to … Continued

An App From The Nap

It was a Thursday morning. I was staring at my coffee cup, trying to resolve an existential question of whether to use Starbucks or Peets. A clear sign that yet another uneventful day was about to unfold at work.  The Notification That’s when I noticed a persistent message on my phone. It was a warning … Continued

How To Inspire People To Adopt New Software

A few months ago I met with Lou Diamond for a podcast recording on Thrive Loud. We had a great conversation about Appify, my career, and software in general. One of the moments I think was really interesting was when we talked about changing people’s habits, and how to inspire people to adopt new software. … Continued

No-Code and Avoiding Data Silos

Over the last year, I’ve been invited to speak on a number of interesting podcasts. Just recently, I went back to listen to a few of them and reflect on how both Appify and I have changed in 2020.  Back in September, I chatted with Jon Dwoskin, a business coach and podcaster for THINK Business … Continued

Stop Groaning at Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation and No-code will ease the pain You’ve probably heard the term ‘digital transformation’ before, but, just in case, here is a simple definition: Digital transformation (DT) is the process of using digital technologies to create new, or modify existing, business processes, culture, and customer experiences to meet changing business and market requirements. This … Continued

My Next Big Leap

What a bizarre time to jump from a safe job at Google to a Series A start-up. It’s not like I haven’t experienced hurdles in my career, I am a woman executive after all. I graduated Business School in 2001, as the dot-com busted, 9/11 frightened everyone, and I drove back to the Bay Area knowing there … Continued

Why I Started Appify

When I was (t)asked to write this, I gave myself a few goals: Overcome my irrational dislike of blogging (or blahgging as I like to call it) Complete the entire exercise in one sitting so it is not calculated but heartfelt and authentic Avoid referring to a thesaurus as much as possible Here we go … Continued