The Next Big Shift in Field Service since the Cloud

As we start our recovery from the pandemic, a major force is about to sweep the Field Service industry. No, it is not remote resolutions, predictive intelligence or outcome-based models. While all of these have their legitimate roles in shaping a highly dynamic industry, I anticipate a major shift from the traditional workforce models to … Continued

Challenges of legacy technology in a rapidly evolving world

Every day I get the opportunity to talk to technology leaders and learn more about the projects that they are taking on and the challenges they face. Most recently, I have been hearing a similar refrain among these leaders around the challenges of dealing with their legacy technology in a world where change is the … Continued

Model-Driven Apps vs Form-Based Apps

5 Key Points to Consider Someone asked me recently about the merits of model-driven apps vs. form-based apps. It riled me up so much I thought I’d share my perspectives on the topic. Here are the five points I strongly believe demonstrate the differences, and it all surrounds the data… Over the many and diverse … Continued

An App From The Nap

It was a Thursday morning. I was staring at my coffee cup, trying to resolve an existential question of whether to use Starbucks or Peets. A clear sign that yet another uneventful day was about to unfold at work.  The Notification That’s when I noticed a persistent message on my phone. It was a warning … Continued

Enterprise Software the No-Code Way

Does this sound familiar? You had been working with your prospect for a while; there’s a decent understanding of the scope; you even had gone into detailed discussion about some risky aspects; the deal is now signed and the enterprise software project is ready to start. Younger developers look convinced that this time things will … Continued

On My Way! A Slice of Digital Transformation for Field Services

There are lots of consumer software platforms and connected devices that offer updates when a mobile employee will be arriving on-location, a form of digital transformation for fields services organizations. Just think of ordering a Domino’s pizza, or calling an Uber, we’ve come to expect this type of communication from the consumer products we use … Continued

Build Apps Quickly with the Appify App Marketplace

Let’s start off with a story. It was about 4 years ago before Appify. I remember a gorgeous afternoon in London in a conference room with floor to ceiling windows looking across the city. I remember it because that is the day I changed my entire perspective about business apps and the customer experience. I was frustrated … Continued