Someone Just Pressed Pause

There is a wonderful German word EisenBahnScheinBewegung , EisenBahn means “railway” and ScheinBewegung means “false moves”. Together the word means that feeling of movement when you’re sat on a stationary train car seat, and the train next to you starts moving. That feeling is prevalent in life today, we’re all in lockdown and in many … Continued

Oops, We Did It Again

So… we did it again! One more M&A in the Field Service tech industry: IFS International signed a definitive agreement to purchase Astea International. It reminds me a bit of the time when TOA was acquired by Oracle and ClickSoftware was acquired by Salesforce. It even reminds me of when the company I co-founded, ServiceMax was acquired. I recently read that the … Continued

Built for Field Service

The Only No-Code Application Platform for Field Service Do you want to know what TWTTMSW stands for?  READ ON! Field service is a bold and fearless group.  They possess a perpetual adrenaline rush to figure things out and get sh*t done.  They are all about the execution in a world where inconsistency and curveballs are … Continued