Built for Field Service

The Only No-Code Application Platform for Field Service Do you want to know what TWTTMSW stands for?  READ ON! Field service is a bold and fearless group.  They possess a perpetual adrenaline rush to figure things out and get sh*t done.  They are all about the execution in a world where inconsistency and curveballs are … Continued

Introducing the First System of Empowerment

For my very first article post on LinkedIn, I thought an introduction was in order. Deep down, I’m a passionate person. (I am half Italian after all!) I believe ideas matter.  Ideas in business, technology, science, and economics get me super excited…yes…I said economics.  What excites me is when people take the combination of these … Continued

No more paper checklists!

Building an app in Turbo is incredibly easy. In fact, all it takes is just a few minutes. Watch this quick demo, presented by Turbo’s Director of  Service Agni Ananda, as he shows off his app-building skills to save the world, one app at a time!