Rapid Application Development: A RAD enterprise lifeline for continuous improvement with resource constraint

Resource constrained? Solve resource constraint with Appify’s Rapid Application Development Platform The United States (U.S.) has experienced a surge in inflation, with an average quarterly annualized increase over 2021–22 in personal consumption expenditure (PCE) prices of 5.8%. Despite this recent inflation, U.S.  unemployment remains historically low at 3.6%, and thousands of jobs remain unfilled. Help is … Continued

Custom Dashboards For No-Code Apps

Access frequently used actions from the home screen Every one of your employees, customers, or partners want to be able to easily access their frequently used actions; deadlines, to-dos, calendar, or links from the home screen of your apps. Be it a work order app, a service request app, or a gig economy app, they … Continued

On My Way! A Slice of Digital Transformation for Field Services

There are lots of consumer software platforms and connected devices that offer updates when a mobile employee will be arriving on-location, a form of digital transformation for fields services organizations. Just think of ordering a Domino’s pizza, or calling an Uber, we’ve come to expect this type of communication from the consumer products we use … Continued

Tell customers you’re On My Way!

Just a month ago we shared our story of TataMD and how they created a sophisticated end-to-end COVID testing solution with the Appify platform. One of the most fun features of that solution was “On My Way.” Today, you’re able to tell customers you’re On My Way! – available as an add-on to our Appify … Continued

From Idea to App in Less than a Week

Recently, Appify helped a large truck repair company digitize a complex business process by delivering a sophisticated mobile app right into the hands of their technicians — all in less than a week. Say what now? Let’s compare that to the typical software deployment process.  Kickoff and Requirements: This is where the vendor makes sure … Continued

Build Apps Quickly with the Appify App Marketplace

Let’s start off with a story. It was about 4 years ago before Appify. I remember a gorgeous afternoon in London in a conference room with floor to ceiling windows looking across the city. I remember it because that is the day I changed my entire perspective about business apps and the customer experience. I was frustrated … Continued

Introducing Appify

Today we are very excited to announce that we are changing our name to Appify. While we all loved the name Turbo Systems because it represented the speed and agility that we could bring to customers; overtime, it became clear that it had some issues. Like, for example, it’s the name of a Dreamworks picture called Turbo about … Continued