Introducing the Appify App Marketplace

Let’s start off with a story. It was about 4 years ago before Appify. I remember a gorgeous afternoon in London in a conference room with floor to ceiling windows looking across the city. I remember it because that is the day I changed my entire perspective about business apps and the customer experience.  Our customer … Continued

Introducing Appify

Today we are very excited to announce that we are changing our name to Appify. While we all loved the name Turbo Systems because it represented the speed and agility that we could bring to customers; overtime, it became clear that it had some issues. Like, for example, it’s the name of a Dreamworks picture called Turbo about … Continued

Improving Your Customer’s Last Mile Experience

Presented by Director of Services, Agni Ananda, he explores the impacts of change within our world and what we can do to ensure that each one of our customers gets the best “Last Mile Experience” possible. What you will learn: Digital transformational steps to improve customer satisfaction How a no-code platform can be designed and … Continued

Someone Just Pressed Pause

There is a wonderful German word EisenBahnScheinBewegung , EisenBahn means “railway” and ScheinBewegung means “false moves”. Together the word means that feeling of movement when you’re sat on a stationary train car seat, and the train next to you starts moving. That feeling is prevalent in life today, we’re all in lockdown and in many … Continued

Is Your Company a Member of “The Last Mile Club”?

I’ve got a club I’d like you and your company to join, and you don’t need to fork over big membership fees or get voted in by other members. It simply takes a commitment to customer service – in particular, the “last mile experience”: the point where companies engage with their customers. When you, your … Continued

Oops, We Did It Again

So… we did it again! One more M&A in the Field Service tech industry: IFS International signed a definitive agreement to purchase Astea International. It reminds me a bit of the time when TOA was acquired by Oracle and ClickSoftware was acquired by Salesforce. It even reminds me of when the company I co-founded, ServiceMax was acquired. I recently read that the … Continued

Turbo Is Now on the AWS Marketplace

Turbo’s mission is to help our field service customers easily build no-code mobile apps so that they can move faster, be more efficient—and maintain that speed and flexibility on a continuous basis. So it only makes sense that implementing the Turbo solution that enables all of that should be simple, as well. That’s why today … Continued

Built for Field Service

The Only No-Code Application Platform for Field Service Do you want to know what TWTTMSW stands for?  READ ON! Field service is a bold and fearless group.  They possess a perpetual adrenaline rush to figure things out and get sh*t done.  They are all about the execution in a world where inconsistency and curveballs are … Continued