Improving Your Customer’s Last Mile Experience

Presented by Director of Services, Agni Ananda, he explores the impacts of change within our world and what we can do to ensure that each one of our customers gets the best “Last Mile Experience” possible. What you will learn: Digital transformational steps to improve customer satisfaction How a no-code platform can be designed and … Continued

My Next Big Leap

What a bizarre time to jump from a safe job at Google to a Series A start-up. It’s not like I haven’t experienced hurdles in my career, I am a woman executive after all. I graduated Business School in 2001, as the dot-com busted, 9/11 frightened everyone, and I drove back to the Bay Area knowing there … Continued

A Remarkable Milestone For Turbo

Before I dive in, I must say these are challenging times. But it has been absolutely amazing to witness the spirit of care, cooperation and adjustment all around us – at work, neighborhoods and the community at large. Hats off to those that are on the frontlines no matter what – healthcare, emergency services, utilities, … Continued

Is Your Company a Member of “The Last Mile Club”?

I’ve got a club I’d like you and your company to join, and you don’t need to fork over big membership fees or get voted in by other members. It simply takes a commitment to customer service – in particular, the “last mile experience”: the point where companies engage with their customers. When you, your … Continued

A New Chapter In Turbo’s Story

I want to share my perspectives on Turbo Systems’ Series A funding by Mayfield Ventures. Needless to say, I am thrilled about every aspect of it – the who, the why and the when. This funding will allow us to accelerate our plans for R&D, marketing, sales and customer success. My personal excitement about Turbo’s quest is almost indescribable. … Continued

Turbo Systems Launches as First Universal, No-Code Engagement Platform for the Enterprise

New Company Empowers Businesses with Mobile, Custom Applications, Extending Capabilities of All Systems of Record Pleasanton, CA Turbo Systems launches today as the first universal, no-code engagement platform for the enterprise. Led by Hari Subramanian, Co-Founder and former CTO of ServiceMax, Turbo provides an easy way for businesses to instantly create rich applications to extend … Continued

Why Developers Should Embrace No-Code Platforms

A few weeks ago, I had an interesting conversation with a prospect at a fairly large company. Let’s call him “Peter” for the sake of this story. Peter is a business leader responsible for bringing in new revenue and running his operations as efficiently as possible.  His department had been thinking about starting a marketing-oriented … Continued

No more paper checklists!

Building an app in Turbo is incredibly easy. In fact, all it takes is just a few minutes. Watch this quick demo, presented by Turbo’s Director of  Service Agni Ananda, as he shows off his app-building skills to save the world, one app at a time!

Why I Started Turbo Systems

When I was (t)asked to write this, I gave myself a few goals: Overcome my irrational dislike of blogging (or blahgging as I like to call it) Complete the entire exercise in one sitting so it is not calculated but heartfelt and authentic Avoid referring to a thesaurus as much as possible Here we go … Continued