Meet Appify at WBR’s Field Service Hilton Head this August

Our team at Appify will be attending and sponsoring World Business Research’s (WBR’s) Field Service Hilton Head 2022 Conference on August 16-18th at the Marriott Hilton Head Resort & Spa in South Carolina. After a successful and exciting event at Field Service Hilton Head earlier this year, we’re looking forward to meeting field service experts … Continued

Appify CEO Jen Grant featured on inService Podcast Live

On July 7, Jen Grant, CEO of Appify, had the pleasure of being hosted by David Nour of The Nour Group of Service Council’s inService Podcast. Service Council provides a nexus of community and information sharing, endeavoring to codify and refine best practices, while raising awareness of the importance and benefits of establishing a service-led … Continued

Powered by Appify Launches with first Strategic Partner: CSG

I recently started a blog series on how successful technology companies can leverage Appify to take a giant leap forward in their offering with a minimal investment, freeing up limited engineering resources and reducing technical debt. The first article focused on the Field Service Management (FSM) category, an industry near and dear to me from … Continued

Enterprise Software the No-Code Way

Does this sound familiar? You had been working with your prospect for a while; there’s a decent understanding of the scope; you even had gone into detailed discussion about some risky aspects; the deal is now signed and the enterprise software project is ready to start. Younger developers look convinced that this time things will … Continued

Tell customers you’re On My Way!

Just a month ago we shared our story of TataMD and how they created a sophisticated end-to-end COVID testing solution with the Appify platform. One of the most fun features of that solution was “On My Way.” Today, you’re able to tell customers you’re On My Way! – available as an add-on to our Appify … Continued

No-Code and Avoiding Data Silos

Over the last year, I’ve been invited to speak on a number of interesting podcasts. Just recently, I went back to listen to a few of them and reflect on how both Appify and I have changed in 2020.  Back in September, I chatted with Jon Dwoskin, a business coach and podcaster for THINK Business … Continued

My Next Big Leap

What a bizarre time to jump from a safe job at Google to a Series A start-up. It’s not like I haven’t experienced hurdles in my career, I am a woman executive after all. I graduated Business School in 2001, as the dot-com busted, 9/11 frightened everyone, and I drove back to the Bay Area knowing there … Continued

A Remarkable Milestone For Appify: Jen Grant as CEO

Before I dive in, I must say these are challenging times. But it has been absolutely amazing to witness the spirit of care, cooperation and adjustment all around us – at work, neighborhoods and the community at large. Hats off to those that are on the frontlines no matter what – healthcare, emergency services, utilities, … Continued

Why I Started Appify

When I was (t)asked to write this, I gave myself a few goals: Overcome my irrational dislike of blogging (or blahgging as I like to call it) Complete the entire exercise in one sitting so it is not calculated but heartfelt and authentic Avoid referring to a thesaurus as much as possible Here we go … Continued