Top no code enterprise application building solutions

No and low code has taken the enterprise world by storm with adoption becoming widespread and fast-adopted in the midst of the pandemic. Companies small and large are using no code software to help virtually and remotely build applications, manage workflows, and empower non-technical team members to be self-sufficient, alleviating burden on technical resources and pushing innovation forward.

The best no code development applications for enterprise enables flexibility and agility while also supporting the business’s existing systems on a modern interface. 80% of businesses rely on low-code and 16-30% of businesses prefer using custom low-code or no-code for complex business logic. Even more surprising is the adoption within an organization, with 90% of no code users believing that their company has been able to grow faster due to leveraging no code solutions.

As per G2, “[No code solutions] help companies of all sizes solve their business problems.”

– G2 on best no code development applications

Appify: No code application development for enterprise

Hi, it’s us! 👋 Appify is the no code solution for enterprise to build out applications across any device. Appify makes business life simpler by delivering transformational agility to businesses through its powerful enterprise no-code app platform. We want you to supercharge your technology team but also the rest of your business with the power to quickly build user-friendly apps that digitize a manual process or extend the capabilities of your current technology stack.

We want you to build robust, secure, and fast enterprise-grade applications that connect to your existing systems with the Appify no-code platform. Leverage the data from your systems through our no code integration to build real- time, functioning applications to deploy across customers, contractors, and team members on any device and platform. 

With Appify, Leading global manufacturer of precision instruments uses Appify applications to track the time and location of their engineers, adding efficiencies to their entire process. Adding one more job per day for each engineer will add an estimated $3M to their bottomline. Similarly, a major electronics manufacturer avoided approximately $1M in development costs by creating apps on Appify on top of Oracle and Salesforce


Betty Blocks is a citizen development platform for enterprise organizations. Leveraging a no-code platform means business-side employees can be self-sufficient in building their own applications and act as citizen developers. Nearly 80% of leading companies have citizen developers building applications. Betty Blocks believes that by empowering new or alternative types of developers, companies can generate exponential growth and drive consistent innovation. Both technical developers and citizen developers can use Betty Blocks as no code or low code to build a modern layer around existing legacy systems, speed up application delivery, and reduce costs.


Kintone is a customizable workplace platform that organizes a company’s team data, workflows, and conversations in one centralized place to enable a more streamlined work experience. Through one shared cloud, spreadsheets and other information becomes a dynamic database where the organization can see the whole picture of teams, tasks, and more.

Microsoft Power Apps

Microsoft Power Apps wants companies to be able to build applications faster. Power Apps is essentially a suite of apps, services, and connectors, as well as a data platform, that provides a rapid development environment for anyone to build custom apps for enterprise. They offer prebuilt UX components, an artificial intelligence (AI) builder, and the ability to integrate low-code apps with over 500 data sources or legacy systems via data connectors with Azure API Management and Azure Functions.


Appian wants enterprises to build applications and workflows rapidly. Their low code platform and solution exists to improve business results and help with speedier development. Appian is a cloud computing and enterprise software company that sells a platform-as-a-service for building enterprise software applications. They state that their low code automation platform allows someone to expect to build apps 10x faster while reducing maintenance costs by 50% when compared to traditional development.


Bubble is a visual programming and no code development platform. They are an application platform-as-a-service that empowers non-technical individuals to build web applications without needing to use any code or programming language. Bubble is focused on web applications and launched into the no code space to enable companies, individuals, and more to build applications faster. Users can launch personal projects at a low cost.

Appy Pie

Appy Pie is a no code development platform that spans multiple products including mobile applications, websites, chatbots, NFTs, task automation, and graphics. Appy Pie’s goal with their no code platform is to democratize mobile and web application development and make app building more accessible while lowering the learning curve.


ServiceNow is a software company that has a cloud computing platform to support companies in managing their digital workflows for their enterprise operations. ServiceNow’s suite of products allows IT departments to manage workflows, service, operations, portfolio management and more. Their platform connects people, functions, and systems to enable no code workflow management across an organization.

Is your organization looking for a no code application development solution?

No code and low code application development is a great way to involve your entire organization in making innovative software to support daily operations and more. Build out your citizen development arm and use no code software to help virtually and remotely build applications, manage workflows, and empower your team members to control their work end-to-end. Is your organization part of the 80% of companies adopting no and low code solutions?

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