Tell customers you’re On My Way!

Just a month ago we shared our story of TataMD and how they created a sophisticated end-to-end COVID testing solution with the Appify platform. One of the most fun features of that solution was “On My Way.” Today, you’re able to tell customers you’re On My Way! – available as an add-on to our Appify platform.

A Doordash-like Experience

Using an Appify App, a field engineer can send a text message or an email that lets the customer know they are en-route. With a click, customers can then see on a map where their field engineer is and when they will arrive. 

Deliver the best “last mile” customer experience

Imagine how your customers will feel when they know exactly when you will be there and can prepare for your arrival. They don’t have to experience the frustration of the email back-and-forth of scheduling, asking when an engineer might arrive, and confirming the appointment. Instead, you can deliver a delightful experience showing your customers that you genuinely care about delivering a high-quality service experience. Learn more about giving your customers the best ‘last mile’ experience from our founder and CTO, Hari Subramanian.

“How do I get On My Way!?” 

On My Way! is available as an add-on to any Appify plan, just talk to your customer success manager or a sales rep.

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On My Way
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