Relo Solutions Group uses Appify to build mobile application that increases efficiency and reduces workload for sub-contractors

“Our contractors used to have hours of paperwork every night. Appify gives them that time back by empowering them to work more efficiently.”

James Walsh, Founder, Relo Solutions Group

Learn how Relo, a specialty moving company, used Appify’s Rapid Application Development (RAD) platform to bring together multiple systems – including custom software – to deliver a mobile application that provides employees and contractors everything they need to get the moving job done. The mobile app worked for their internal teams and for their third-party service providers to connect to one another and their moving clients. That’s RAD!

A mobile app for a mobile business – Relo Solutions Group

A Rapid Application Development platform that unifies multiple business systems into one easy-to-use mobile application for their team members.

“No provider in our space has their own mobile app. We could be the industry’s technology leader.”

James Walsh, Founder, Relo Solutions Group

Relo’s first step toward digital transformation was a Salesforce platform which proved insufficient to their needs; the second was a customized platform that lets clients request estimates, get invoice copies, review signatures, and more.

Walsh expects Relo’s 10,000 annual service requests to triple by 2024. At that volume, improved efficiency has a huge impact. But the large platforms he had already deployed were unwieldy and siloed, an inefficiency that Walsh saw as an opportunity. 

“We could be the industry’s technology leader.” Relo needed a solution that wouldn’t require custom development or years to deploy. Also, their application  needed to be integrated with the multiple systems which they had already invested in. Relo was having their RAD moment.

Relo Solutions Group is a moving company based in Fayetteville, New York that provides a wide variety of moving-related specialty tasks, from crafting fine art to removing chandeliers from soaring ceilings.

From clipboards to a RAD moment: How Appify digitized their process and customer interactions

In Relo’s early years, says founder James Walsh, service providers would walk in with “a pen and clipboard” and gather info by hand. Walsh studied several possible solutions; most couldn’t meet Relo’s needs. But when he discovered the Appify Rapid Application Development platform, it “checked all the boxes.” A platform that allowed him to extend his legacy systems with a modern business UI and quickly digitize his field operations. And with the added benefit of seamlessly extending the offering to a network of third party service providers.

The company’s current process involves multiple steps across several systems. Now, with Appify, everything will happen in one app which lets contractors accept a job, say they’re en route, and click once when they’re onsite to see all tasks associated with that job.

The Appify breakthrough: Saving 30+ minutes per file of administrative time for sub-contractors

Our contractors used to have hours of paperwork every night. Appify gives them that time back. The new app reduces per-file admin time by at least 30 minutes, and that’s just the start.

“Our service techs used to have hours of paperwork every night,” says Walsh. “Appify gives them that time back for their personal lives.” He also sees Appify as an innovation partner and Relo plans to expand beyond moving services into hospitality, consumer services, and other sectors, with Appify helping to fuel that growth.

“Appify just makes sense. This is the logical evolution of field service.”

James Walsh, Founder, Relo Solutions Group

Appify enabled Relo Solutions Group to:

  • Faster Data entry time cut by 30 minutes per file
  • More Affordable
  • Billing team can check/approve invoices on one screen
  • Increased Accuracy
  • Multiple steps across several platforms centralized into one interface
  • Better Agility
  • Appify’s extensibility and adaptability allows expansion into multiple verticals

Learn about more great ways that companies are leveraging Appify for their applications to connect customers, partners, and internal teams to multiple data sources. You can also download the white paper about Relo Solutions Group.

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