Oops, We Did It Again

So… we did it again! One more M&A in the Field Service tech industry: IFS International signed a definitive agreement to purchase Astea International. It reminds me a bit of the time when TOA was acquired by Oracle and ClickSoftware was acquired by Salesforce. It even reminds me of when the company I co-founded, ServiceMax was acquired.

I recently read that the global field service management market is forecasted to reach USD $9.88 Billion by 2026. As this growth continues, so will the complexity and expectations of servicing customers. While technology consolidation highlights the strategic significance of Field Service, it also poses additional challenges to an already dynamic nature of the industry. Challenges that will require a new set of solutions and tools to help those in the industry work within the realities of today.

If you are a field service provider, your realities include:

  1. Your products, customers and business processes are unique to your business.
  2. Your service processes use data that is spread across multiple, sometimes siloed, systems.
  3. Your ability to provide an exceptional “last-mile experience” to your customers can positively impact your revenue, brand, and customer satisfaction.
  4. Change is constant and is triggered by workforce, technology, and business dynamics. You need to be prepared to embrace change as it happens.
  5. Budget constraints combined with an overwhelming IT backlog require you to be nimble and creative to achieve your goals.

These realities are at the core of why I founded TURBO, now Appify. Your field service business needs a flexible, cost-effective platform that allows you to quickly connect, create and deploy rich Field Service experiences to your technicians, partners, and customers. A platform that allows you, or anyone on your team, to create sophisticated applications in days, not months. A platform that makes sure that change doesn’t slow you down. And at the end of the day, you should be able to provide that exceptional experience to your employees and customers alike, transforming service from a cost center into a strategic business driver. Field Service, done right, should be that after all.

Hari headshot
Written by Hari Subramanian Founder and CTO at Appify. Hari has worked for more than 30 years in Enterprise software in various roles including support engineer, programmer, solution architect, and engineering leader.