Transforming integrations through our remote object connector capabilities: Easy enterprise integrations

Integrations are a f**king nightmare.

– Tech teams everywhere
Our remote object connector capabilities allows for easy no-code integrations

How many times have you and your IT teams said these exact words? There is no other way to put it: The bane of virtually every enterprise software solution is integration of data between the multiple tools. Over 80% of enterprise business operations leaders say data integration is critical to ongoing operations. Yet integrating multiple tools is challenging for any organization. There is a $3.6T global spend on IT, with 39% of those resources allocated towards software and integration. By 2024, 65% of organizations will be considering spending on integrations for its strategic achievements.

In my personal experience, 40-60% of project cost, timeline, and risk is integration, and the added long-term challenges are:

  • Data duplication or – which is the actual System of Record or Source of Truth? This is typically further complicated as data changes become bi-directional.
  • Business logic is embedded in the integration layer so becomes difficult to maintain and change as your business evolves.
  • The data-model reflects the needs of the system of record, not the business process you need to support.

The more systems integrated, then the costs, complexity, and risks grow exponentially.

Waking from the nightmare! Removing complex middleware and integrating with no code

Imagine a world where there is no need for middleware because you have deployed Appify’s next-gen no-code solution across your existing technology solutions. Appify makes it easy to connect to any API-enabled technology  through our proprietary remote object connector capabilities. Our remote object connector capabilities allows you to connect any data source that has a RESTful API and exposes the objects from that source in the Appify data model as if native. API objects represent database tables that contain your organization’s information. In short, our Remote object connector capabilities empowers your organization to connect to and pull data from multiple sources to use as necessary. You can leverage your existing legacy technology, the software platforms you love to use, and anything else across the organization by connecting all these individual sources through one single application.

With Appify, you define a data model shaped by the user-driven business processes you need to support. The Appify model respects the IT-driven security of the data source, but it does not have to mimic the object structure of the source.  In essence, you can create an object in Appify Flex that is made of multiple fields from larger objects – you can pull any data, but do not need to pull all data, if it’s not necessary.

  • Business Process Driven Data Model: The data model is defined, maintained, and updated through Appify Studio. If the model needs to change, then drag and drop to make the changes. 
  • Legacy Data Sources can become part of the model: Because Appify is not limited by a library of different connectors, even legacy data sources can be exposed to a modern user experience. Appify has even exposed a mainframe database on a mobile App for a banking customer.
  • No more field Overloading: You don’t need to pick a “standard field” that is not being used, and use it for a different purpose. With Appify remote object connector capabilities that new field can simply live in Appify Flex and extend the object in the system of record.
  • Manageable Business Logic: Business logic is configured, managed, and maintained through Appify Studio, so it is no longer buried in the middleware.
  • Multiple versions of the System of Record solved: Multiple ERP’s with similar versions  of data objects, no problem. Define the Appify Flex Object and map the fields to the different sources. 
  • Potentially Simplified Licensing: Instead of duplicating licensed users in the back and front end, you can license your front-end users and have single integration to the back end via Appify’s remote object connector capabilities. Please check license contract of system of record first to make sure this is contractually allowable. 

What does Appify’s remote object connector capabilities mean for your next operations project?

Appify’s remote object connector capabilities means you can build the following object model without middleware, with a few clicks inside Appify Studio.

How our remote object connector capabilities work with your data
  • Data continues to live in the system of record: NO DATA DUPLICATION
  • Business logic is exposed through drag and drop no-code Appify Studio: DATA MODEL AGILITY
  • Data model is built for your user-drive business process: NOT CONSTRAINED BY LEGACY DECISIONS or LEGACY SOLUTIONS

If you have a middleware in place, Appify can still connect to and work with that service.

The unique in the market Appify approach to connectivity removes the constraints of other Low-Code and No-Code tools, and eliminates the need for middleware eliminating significant cost, time, and risk from your projects and part of how Appify delivers unprecedented speed, agility, and capability in it’s next-gen no-code platform. It’s time to wake-up from your integration nightmare!

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Written by Appify Insights provided by the team at Appify, the no-code Enterprise Application Platform.