No-Code and Avoiding Data Silos

Jen Grant Podcast

Over the last year, I’ve been invited to speak on a number of interesting podcasts. Just recently, I went back to listen to a few of them and reflect on how both Appify and I have changed in 2020. 

Back in September, I chatted with Jon Dwoskin, a business coach and podcaster for THINK Business Live. I touched on some of the issues plaguing businesses and IT teams. 

“Most enterprises have either large technology stacks that are difficult to customize – or they have thousands of SaaS apps running around creating silos of data.”

Of course, today that still rings true. It is still an issue that IT and operational teams are facing as they try to balance the requests from their business with the necessary maintenance of their current technology. 

No-code solutions have arrived

The Appify no-code app platform is one way that companies are solving this problem. Allowing IT to more quickly serve the needs of their business, so that they have the time needed to maintain their current systems. Since that September when I was discussing with Jon how businesses need agility to deliver apps quickly to their employees, there has also been some growth in the number of no-code apps that a business now has to manage. 

Appify partners with IT to avoid the data silos

That’s why Appify is a no-code app platform designed for IT professionals with the security and scale necessary to serve a large organization. IT and other operational people can deliver apps to solve the challenges that their business colleagues are facing, and they can also manage those apps for the business. This avoids creating a second wave of chaos that merely replaces the data silos of all of our Cloud Apps with more siloed no-code apps. If IT and other operational people can manage these apps in a centralized fashion. IT can make sure the apps are built for scale, they connect into the right data sources, and manage any users of the apps along with all the other technology systems they have in their infrastructure. 

I also shared some learnings about how to build a brand, be a CEO and how I run my Appify team using OKRs. Hope you enjoy it!

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Written by Jen Grant CEO at Appify. Jen Grant has spent the last 15 years building companies from the ground-up and taking multiple companies to over a billion dollar valuation.