Easily import spreadsheets from Microsoft Excel into Appify

Importing spreadsheets can often be slow and messy. Appify recently launched an import feature to make it quick and clutter-free.

The ability to import spreadsheets from Microsoft Excel, or any data source, is essential to most businesses,  but it’s a lengthy and complex process. Most data import tools don’t offer flexible configurations, so a record import from a worksheet with hundreds of columns can take hours, or days, to configure. And most import tools don’t support defining complex requirements on imported data, so you have to create multiple input files or clean up clutter after import. Even tech-savvy users wind up wading through endless how-to documents and videos just to figure out what to do.

All of us in the productivity space have been dealing with this data import problem as long as there’s been data to import. So I’m thrilled that here at Appify we actually can offer a solution.

The ability to import spreadsheets from Microsoft Excel comes standard with the Appify No-Code Platform, lets you quickly and easily import raw data from Microsoft Excel files into your data sources. Here are some of the features that make this import feature such a powerful tool for data importing situations that I think most of us will find familiar:

One-click configuration to import spreadsheets from Microsoft Excel

Administrators can enable this feature with just one click. Then Appify app builders can directly import spreadsheets from Microsoft Excel by using the Import records button in the Lines section.

Smart import: Inspect the Excel import beforehand

Dealing with cluttered import files with multiple worksheets and patchy data? Appify’s user-friendly import screen lets you easily inspect and define the scope of records beforehand and resolve post-import errors using worksheet previews (to ensure you’ve selected the right worksheet), marketing header row (to separate column names from data records), and viewing import status (to help resolve any errors).

Auto mapping your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to Appify

Trying to import a large file with data spanning hundreds of columns? Appify’s intelligent mapping algorithm automatically maps columns from Excel to the Lines section fields. It even remembers mappings from past imports. No more spending hours mapping your data!

Pre-defined unique fields

Tired of manually removing duplicates after import? With the import spreadsheets from Microsoft Excel feature, you can view the import status of highlighted rows to identify and resolve duplicates.

Ready to change your data-importing life? Come chat with the experts in our team about how you can integrate a No-Code App Platform into your Application Tech Stack. 

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Written by Appify Insights provided by the team at Appify, the no-code Enterprise Application Platform.