How To Inspire People To Adopt New Software

A few months ago I met with Lou Diamond for a podcast recording on Thrive Loud. We had a great conversation about Appify, my career, and software in general. One of the moments I think was really interesting was when we talked about changing people’s habits, and how to inspire people to adopt new software.

In a large enterprise they might call that Change Management. A very important-sounding term – and for sure – a very critical concept. I think it can be simplified down to: How do you get people to adopt a new technology?

how to inspire people to adopt new software

And here’s what I shared: 

3 simple steps to help with software adoption

  • Teach your team to use the new technology in the context of their work
  • Show them how much time they saved doing it the new way
  • Help them imagine what they could do with all that extra time

Focus on what is meaningful to your people (not just meaningful for the business).

Notice that none of that list includes sharing how it will benefit “the business”. Yes, this new software cost the company money. The technology team spent a lot of time implementing it and making it work well for the business. And, it could save the company a lot of money if everyone adopts it; but those aren’t the reasons a person will change their habits. Focus on what is meaningful for your team in their daily work. That’s what will move the needle on adopting new technologies.

Listen for more about this and other business building topics on our podcast. Enjoy!

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Written by Jen Grant CEO at Appify. Jen Grant has spent the last 15 years building companies from the ground-up and taking multiple companies to over a billion dollar valuation.