How To Build Your First App

Back in October I met with Adam Torres on Mission Matters and shared some of the insights we’ve had at Appify on how to build your first app.  

First ask yourself: What process can I improve? 

Start by thinking about any business process your team does on the go: 

  • You’re on your way to a visit a prospect and you want to remember all the interactions you’ve had with them so far
  • You’re having coffee with a customer and want to generate a bid for their project that would immediately show up in their inbox
  • You want to send an invoice to a customer within minutes of finishing the work to improve your cashflow
  • You need to collect accurate information about a product at a customers site and have it input directly into your systems

Or, if you’re the technology leader in your company, ask yourself:

Where are the cracks – the white space – in our operations?  

  • Your team jumps from app to app in order to get their job done because the data is in different systems
  • You have systems that don’t quite do everything your team needs so they add on a manual process to achieve their goal
  • You have to move data from one system to another because they don’t connect correctly

Look for any process that takes time and slows down your business. Imagine where you could increase revenue or improve your cash flow if you could speed up that administrative work. And, equally important, making someone’s job just a little less painful. Those are the kind of business processes that an Appify App could help fix.

Listen for more on building apps as well as some fun anecdotes of successful customers.

Jen Grant featured image
Written by Jen Grant CEO at Appify. Jen Grant has spent the last 15 years building companies from the ground-up and taking multiple companies to over a billion dollar valuation.