We Can’t Get Back to Normal, But We Can Get Back to Business

Jen's family masking up

Last week I took 2 days off work to spend spring break at home with my kids. We spent time playing video games, reading, and watching movies, but we also did some sewing and made masks out of bedsheets and scraps of fabric we had around the house. Something we could all wear when we walked the dog or went to the grocery store.

My sewing project was partially inspired by one of our customers, Rodger from United Service Technologies, who shared during our Virtual Appy Hour that he and his wife had made masks for all of their field technicians. He also shared with our team how quickly he had pivoted his business, offering to help companies shut down their equipment correctly so that when they turned it back on it would work properly. He reached out to his network of business owners to see if his technicians could help maintain and fix equipment for essential businesses that are building masks and ventilators. And he asked his customers to pull forward their annual maintenance on their equipment to help keep cash flow positive while everyone is sheltering-in-place.

This is what businesses today are going through. Suddenly, they must re-evaluate their business models, find strategies to keep their cash flow going, look for new sources of revenue, find expenses they can cut and even sew masks in their basements so that their employees are protected in their jobs.

I want to support these businesses and business owners in any way I can. Of course, it took me 2 days to create 6 masks, so likely making masks is not the most efficient way to help.

I got to thinking. I hate expensive software. I can’t stand hearing about software deployments that take years to complete. I get irritated watching demos of apps that are hard to use. And I hate how businesses are forced to adjust their processes around the software they buy. Shouldn’t software serve the business and not the other way around?

Many of the business owners and field service teams that I meet with have this same frustration. And now, more than ever, we need to make a change. Field service software can be inexpensive.

That’s where Appify can help. Through the end of May 2020, we’re offering 3-months of Appify for free to get you off of the expensive and user-unfriendly software that is dragging down your business.

In just a few days, we’ll build you an app for exactly what you need, for a lot less than what you are using today, that is the joy of inexpensive field service software. Let us prove how Appify can help, and then you can start cutting costs by shutting down all that irritating expensive software. Some customers have saved more than $100k by switching to Appify so let us help you cut out those costs and get back to business.

The New Normal: Hear more from Rodger from UST and Blake from GDT Repair on how they are adjusting their businesses in these uncertain times.

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Written by Jen Grant CEO at Appify. Jen Grant has spent the last 15 years building companies from the ground-up and taking multiple companies to over a billion dollar valuation.