On My Way! A Slice of Digital Transformation for Field Services

There are lots of consumer software platforms and connected devices that offer updates when a mobile employee will be arriving on-location, a form of digital transformation for fields services organizations. Just think of ordering a Domino’s pizza, or calling an Uber, we’ve come to expect this type of communication from the consumer products we use in our daily lives.

Better Communication is Table Stakes in Business Too

The same thinking is now being applied to the business world, in particular, the rapidly transforming world of Field Service. Field Service has felt huge impacts from the COVID pandemic: furloughed employees, inability to visit customers, and disruptions to supply chains, to name a few. After I attended the Field Service USA event last week, it was clear that those companies which weren’t prepared for the digital age before COVID, were forced to reconcile their shortcomings during the pandemic.

Some companies need to digitize paperwork and manual processes; some companies are attempting to build mobile offerings for their employees, partners, and customers; and some companies are attempting to create a connected network of systems, services, machines and people. Regardless of the stage of digital maturity a company lives in currently, it’s in their best interest to be thinking towards the future. 

This is why Appify released its On My Way! feature two weeks ago. This level of communication is now a table-stakes for any business with a mobile workforce. And with Appify, you can also create mobile apps to help digitize, mobilize and connect with customers, partners and employees. 

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More Visibility Can Lead to Cost Savings

One of our customers, a large utilities provider in Australia and New Zealand, uses Appify to help their project managers see when 3rd-party electricians will arrive on-site. In addition to giving the PMs visibility into arrival times so the customer can prepare for them, Appify also allows them to save time and cut costs by managing the projects more precisely. Arrival/departure time tracking with On My Way! eliminates trips where an electrician arrives on-site with no customer home. With customers spread out across large swathes of NZ and AU, savings are easily found in fuel costs alone. Another customer of ours in the trucking industry uses Appify to provide mobile work orders to repair crews that get dispatched to perform hot-shot trailer repairs. By giving their engineers the ability to attach photos of the completed work and capture customer signatures on the work order, they have cut their time-to-invoice in half.

Future-Proof Against Changing Conditions

From my experience working with customers on this journey, it’s critical to select a software platform that affords the ability to future-proof an organization against yet-to-be-seen digital changes. Appify is the platform the most agile companies are selecting to help them enact this future-proofing. A platform that’s open with API connectivity to any 3rd party application. A platform that changes as you need it to through no-code app creation. A platform for your employees, for your partners, and for your customers. 

Don’t narrow your selection process and criteria down to a set of features or functionality – look for what’s going to help your business today as well as 10 years from now. That’s where the Appify no-code platform can help.

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Written by Appify Insights provided by the team at Appify, the no-code Enterprise Application Platform.