Appify CEO Jen Grant featured on inService Podcast Live

On July 7, Jen Grant, CEO of Appify, had the pleasure of being hosted by David Nour of The Nour Group of Service Council’s inService Podcast. Service Council provides a nexus of community and information sharing, endeavoring to codify and refine best practices, while raising awareness of the importance and benefits of establishing a service-led organization. Jen is part of the Service Council network.

Tune in to inService Podcast Series with Jen Grant and David Nour

On the live inService episode, Jen discussed the importance of rapid application development, eliminating manual processes and creating a connected culture.

Jen Grant offers insights into field service and the gig and contractor economy

Rapid application development can enable companies to bring their gig workers and contractors into the fold easily. Beyond that, 41% of service leaders cite integration of technology into existing workflows as the greatest impediment to new technology deployment.” Integration into systems is key and why a single pane of glass solution to have a connected system is necessary!

“If you want to keep your employees and contractors in your camp and not your competitors’ you have to support them in getting the job done.” Our CEO, Jen Grant, talks about eliminating manual processes on @tservicecouncil‘s inService Podcast.

Some of the other insights Jen and host David Nour discussed with Service Council’s inService Podcast Live audience:

  • The human aspect of service won’t be replaced by robots.
  • The pandemic pushed organizations to modernize faster than they would have. Safety applications led the way and there was a realization that organizations wanted to be connected when distributed and building apps fast allowed for that agility.
  • Companies are taking years to launch modern solutions and by the time launch happens… they’re behind.
  • Trust, connection, and brand loyalty is why a customer makes a buying decision.

Thanks for Hosting Appify on Service Council’s inService Podcast

Our CEO, Jen Grant, had an incredible time speaking about the gig and contractor economy, eliminating manual processes, and creating a connected service culture on Service Council™‘s inService Podcast. Thanks to David Nour of The Nour Group for being a wonderful host!

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