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Field service is a bold and fearless group.  They possess a perpetual adrenaline rush to figure things out and get sh*t done.  They are all about the execution in a world where inconsistency and curveballs are the norms.  

I can relate. I spent a good portion of my career in field service.  While at DuPont, I helped build an escalation team and traveled the world visiting industrial plants when technology problems needed extra attention. The only thing that was consistent was showing up to embrace whatever problems were thrown at me.

To figure things out, I needed to take action and try every trick in my bag of tools.  At that time, I watched the digital revolution kick into full force and quickly realized that the next tool for field service is software.

In the field, I faced many kinds of challenges:

  • Often times equipment configuration was outdated with conflicting details of version, upgrades, FCOs, and OEM Warranty.
  • Arriving at the tail end of escalated situations, details were left unknown and undocumented.
  • Visibility to available parts was limited, and often hand-carried expensive parts as a backup.

My job wasn’t just about turning wrenches for repair and maintenance. I had to update numerous systems to document what I did.  For example,

  • Details needed to go into many systems like SAP, Lotus Notes, Access, Salesforce, and more.
  • I needed to create RMAs, Root Cause Analysis, Parts Orders, Failure Codes, update configurations, customer signoffs, and the list goes on.
  • Systems weren’t available offline resulting in spreadsheets to make sense of data.
  • Many 3rd party contractors still used paper with each region using systems differently.

The result?  Piles of “Digital Paper”!

Determined to make a change in field service, I made a career shift to implementing cloud software for field service every day.  I learned that every other company out there had very similar challenges and was not alone. However, as more and more field software implementation happened, I observed that some of the field service challenges of the past resurfaced with new challenges fast approaching.

During my time within professional services I saw that:

  • Even after digitizing the process it became a big task to maintain and change it.  
  • The implementation cycles were way too long and very costly.
  • Processes were continually evolving all the way to go live, making implementation and adoption a challenge.
  • Weaving in new technology solutions like IoT was tough as customers struggled to realize the value at the speeds they needed.

As the reliance on Field Service software solutions increased, the expectations of capability increased exponentially. Field service platforms were quickly challenged due to the dynamic nature of the field.  The waterfall of new technologies like IoT and machine learning quickly outdated the implementations that were done a year ago.

Having one platform is just not enough.  Field Service is a complex and dynamic industry that requires a set of tools to be effective when on the go.  Why should companies feel forced into one system for field service?

With Turbo you get to leverage them all! Tell me MORE!

What Field Service needs is a free agent in software

Turbo Systems – The Fastest Way To Create Rich Business Apps For Field Users.  

Companies are conflicted as they continue to swim through the sea of apps, buying one niche solution after the next to solve problems.  Soon they end up with another hodge-podge of solutions that are costly to implement and manage.

This is why Field Service deserves a system of engagement with a no-code platform that is capable of spanning across any system such as Salesforce, SAP, Oracle and more. Your field workforce and business executives will appreciate working independently from the various systems.  


Because Turbo preserves the massive investments made within various tools such as Salesforce and SAP. Businesses don’t need to pick and choose one system for field service. Turbo enhances all of those systems providing flexibility without worrying about what systems they are in.

Turbo is a kick-ass team

We have over 45 years of field service know-how.  This isn’t our first rodeo, and we possess deep expertise in field service and software to support this complex industry.  At our core, we are bold and fearless, so much so that we created the first no-code platform for this workforce.

Turbo platform solves multiple challenges:

  • Because Turbo is no-code, you can quickly configure solutions at breathtaking speeds
  • It’s scalable, elastic, and reliable with rock-solid mobile offline capability
  • The next-generation workforce can relate and adopt new technology faster
  • A safe environment to try new technology without overhaul systems.
  • Remove the risks and traditional barriers of entry by placing the capabilities in your hands
  • Lower costs by getting an app done in less than a day leveraging the systems you have.

The one thing you never want to do is paint a field service organization into a corner with piles of best practice flows and niche apps. Turbo allows your organization to break-free with the flexibility to call all the shots when needed without writing code.

 As the great professional ice hockey and head coach, Wayne Gretzky said: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”.  

Those Who Take The Most Shots Win. TWTTMSW!  

Take all the shots with Turbo!

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Written by Leo Rota Director of Business Development at Appify. Leo is an MBA Grad from Drexel University.