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Let’s start off with a story. It was about 4 years ago before Appify. I remember a gorgeous afternoon in London in a conference room with floor to ceiling windows looking across the city. I remember it because that is the day I changed my entire perspective about business apps and the customer experience. I was frustrated and realized there has to be a way to build apps quickly.

Our customer was going live and we were going to doing final reviews in that room. It had been a long road to get to this moment. In the beginning, it seemed like they would be up and running in 2 months. The 2 months turned into 3, then 5 and 7 and on and on. There was always a reason for the delay: process change, resource changes, data changes, and so on…

So, here we were, 10 months later and it was finally happening. But as I looked at the end product, I couldn’t help but wonder why this all took so long. It wasn’t rocket science. We were not programming robots or rocket ships. We were deploying a field service solution. Heck, even babies are made in 9 months!

There had to be a better way.

That started a journey where I made observations about how companies buy, build, and deploy apps for their users.

At Appify, we want to change all that. We looked at all the customer deployments we had been a part of in previous companies -probably more than 500+ across a variety of industries like medical devices, manufacturing, telecom, ATM, Commercial food and equipment, health and fitness, and more. We want to make it possible for companies to build apps quickly.

  1. On average, it took anywhere from 6-9 months to establish a baseline solution
  2. It would take another 6 months to further iterate and develop something meaningful to allow a customer to glean business insights from the data
  3. A lot of the time was spent discussing business process and chasing people for requirements
  4. A chunk of time was always spent on integrating with other systems

What if we could shorten or eliminate the time it takes to build and deploy a baseline solution? And give businesses an easy way to tweak that solution over time.

Can you imagine how productive and nimble they could be? Was it even possible?

This is what Appify is all about. With a no-code platform, you can avoid long deployments and build apps quickly — with the flexibility to adjust as you go. 

And today, we have realized we can do even more to speed up how companies deploy apps to become more efficient and productive. 

As I have worked with Appify customers, I began to see similar patterns and best practices for mobile workers in field service and field sales that could benefit any mobile worker. This year, we were able to leverage a very similar work order management process for our customer GDT (Commercial Kitchen Equipment Space) as another customer who services printers. GDT instantly saw productivity gains because they had a fully functioning app ready to go from Day 1.  

There are more examples, but for me, that highlighted a need to get these production-ready starter apps out there for everyone to get running right away. 

On that note, I am super delighted to be introducing our new Appify App Marketplace and the first two Premium Apps:  Appify Field Sales and Appify Field ServiceBenefits are numerous, but here are a few of them

  1. A full suite of Apps that can be deployed in minutes for both the back office as well as your mobile field users 
  2. Appify Field Sales provides lightweight CRM capabilities and fully empowers your sales teams to plan their day, track activities, map their routes, see the full history of customers, create highly sophisticated orders/ quotes on the field. All using the mobile device of their choice. In just one day, our customer, Quality Pavements, deployed Appify Field Sales to provide a guided quoting experience.. 
  3. Appify Field Service provides a full mobile field service experience for your field service technicians and engineers. The techs at GDT love that they only have to hit a few buttons and the rest is all automated. Our customers are starting to realize increases in revenue because they can handle more jobs in a week due to the gains in efficiency.
  4. And, of course, the platform-first approach makes it easy to quickly adjust your apps to make sure they are tailor-made for your business. 

There’s more coming. Over the next several months, we will release a ton of new apps to support multiple industries. If you are in the facilities management space, you can instantly down an app to manage all your daily work orders. If at some point, you want to start delivering quotes or project bids out of Appify, download Appify Quoting and deploy to your sales team.

I can’t wait to see how our customers deploy these apps and make them their own. Having worked shoulder-to-shoulder with them and calling many of them my friends, I know how creative they can be. If there are apps that you want to see included in the marketplace, email me at I’d love to hear from you.

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Written by Agni Ananda Director of Customer Success at Appify. Agni has over 15 years of experience in development and management levels across various companies ranging in size from $1M to over $10B+ in revenue.