Top Rapid Application Development Platforms To Build Enterprise Applications

Rapid Application Development Will Triple In Size by 2025

By 2025, 70% of web and mobile applications will use rapid application development (RAD), tripling in size from 2020. RAD platforms are quicker and more cost effective than traditional software development, without compromising the quality of the development or technical aspects of a project. Beyond that, connecting into existing systems and data for longstanding organizations is a huge benefit of putting a modern layer on top of already familiar platforms and tools. Below is an overview of platforms to support your research on the right company for your application development. 

Rapid application development platforms for enterprise


Hey – it’s us! 👋 Appify’s Remote Data Source allows you to build applications instantly through virtual data models. Appify’s Flex Connect pairs with any external system via REST APIs so that you can pull the data you need from any source without the need for middleware. Appify is a next-generation rapid application development platform that supports enterprises without limitations so your organization can build process driven applications that run your business.

Using Appify, you can build applications across web and mobile for partners and external teams to access your internal resources, your internal teams to easily connect and share data, or your customers to provide them the updates they need. 

Appify supporting mobile field service software use cases. Source: Appify


Appian optimizes workflow automation, supported by its Process Mining feature, but has limited functionality to create attractive user interfaces. 

Automated process mining with Appian. Source: Appian

Microsoft PowerApps

PowerApps users can create powerful Microsoft backed tooling but non-Microsoft customers miss the ability to leverage  the full potential of the platform.


OutSystems offers AI-based development assistance and over 400 pre-built connectors for popular apps. While built to last, apps on their platform are limited in customization.

AI-assisted suggestions to build workflows. Source: OutSystems

Oracle Apex

Used exclusively with Oracle DB, Oracle Apex eliminates the need to define data structures in the middle tier as well as for remote APIs in a majority of use cases. However, other databases such as MySQL are not supported. 


With nearly 6000 customers including 80% of the Fortune 50, Quickbase supports many use cases with extensive customization. Pricing can get expensive and certain features require separate purchase regardless of membership tier. 


Retool’s extensive set of modern-looking components let you build sleek, internal tools. Retool connects to most databases & anything with a REST, GraphQL or gRPC API. 

Retool offers 90+ UI blocks for quick development. Source: Retool

Salesforce Platform

Apps built with Salesforce Platform integrate with Salesforce products, including Slack. The Platform’s bias for Salesforce however is also its drawback – users see limited usability across non-Salesforce software.  

Salesforce Platform integrating with Slack. Source: Salesforce


Zudy’ VINYL platform supports a variety of industries, the platform offers specialized features for the Life Sciences and closely integrates with Veeva

Appify is your rapid application development platform for continuous improvement

Appify pairs robust functionality and full integration capabilities so your enterprise can leverage our rapid application development platform to build applications for partners, internals teams, and customers. Contact Appify’s expert sales team to discuss your enterprise’s challenges with legacy software or connecting multiple facets of business needs and data and get a demo of a workflow for your enterprise. 

Beyond business application development, platform interfaces, user experiences, customer support, and pricing plans will vary. Rapid application development enables your internal teams to support continuous improvement and innovation within your organization that benefits customers, partners, and individual employees.

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