A Remarkable Milestone For Appify: Jen Grant as CEO

Jen Grant

Before I dive in, I must say these are challenging times. But it has been absolutely amazing to witness the spirit of care, cooperation and adjustment all around us – at work, neighborhoods and the community at large. Hats off to those that are on the frontlines no matter what – healthcare, emergency services, utilities, logistics, food & retail, service technicians and the like. Human spirit at its best!

On to the main topic.

Almost immediately after Appify’s Series A funding by Mayfield Ventures, I decided that the company needs the right leadership structure – right people in the right roles. As much as I could have “learned” the job of leading the business, it made obvious sense to have a great go-to-market expert at the wheels. It will give us the ability to run faster and allow me to focus 100% on product & technology vision that I so deeply care about.

The Mayfield team and our recruitment partners were wonderful throughout the search process. They were professional, thorough, patient and relentless. In those eventful 8 months, I was humbled and honored to meet several accomplished leaders and was truly inspired by their stories. What a spectacular culmination to an exhilarating journey!

Enter Jen Grant.

Jen led marketing at Box leading to a $1.7B IPO, built the marketing team at Elastic that led to a $2.4B IPO, and most recently was the CMO at Looker, acquired by Google for $2.6B. But that’s not what excited me the most about Jen. Accomplishments in B2B software, SaaS and building great go-to-market teams were all essential requirements. I was looking for someone that effused passion, had an impactful presence, inspired everyone around them, and had the ability to create a unique culture. All that while being fiscally responsible, humble and pragmatic. Was I hoping for too much?

Enter. Jen. Grant.

I can go on & on about Jen but let me share a conversation we had recently. As soon as it was clear that she will join Appify, I pressed her about how quickly she can start. Jen said she needed time to ensure her team was taken care of, and that they all find the right roles before her departure. To me, that highlights her values, character, and leadership. You take care of your high-performing team. They take care of business. As simple as that.

Which brings us back to Appify and the challenging times.

Jen decided early to send everyone at Appify to work from home because the health of our employees and their family – as well as our global responsibility – is more important than anything else. This is exactly why I wanted someone with a strong moral compass to lead Appify and in just her first three weeks she has already shown she will put health and safety first.

On to the future.

With Appify’s inspired mission to be the next-gen application platform for all, I was already at 10 on the excitement scale of 1-10. With this new leadership, I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for our employees, customers, partners and investors. It is going to be nothing short of sensational!

Who knew firing oneself would be so much fun! Now that I am fired, I am fired up! 🙂

This is a reposted article from LinkedIn published by Hari Subramanian on March 30, 2020.

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Written by Hari Subramanian Founder and CTO at Appify. Hari has worked for more than 30 years in Enterprise software in various roles including support engineer, programmer, solution architect, and engineering leader.