Appify's first Strategic Partner, CSG International

Enterprise no-code app platform

Appify announced its strategic partnership with CSG to use Appify’s platform to help field service workforces deliver more extraordinary customer experiences!

Powered by Appify Launches with first Strategic Partner: CSG International

How can Appify help your business?

Add a Mobile App

Add a mobile app, new functionality, or a modern UI to your existing solution in mere days (not months!)

Create a Digital Experience

Quickly create apps to surround your product with a complete digital experience for your customers

Deliver Your Own Apps

Build branded apps using Appify and deliver a new app experience to customers

Sell a No-Code Platform

Offer your customers a full Enterprise Agility Platform with your branding, built on top of your own data source and existing technology stack

Software Vendors

Add mobility, new functionality, or a new UI to your own software offering

Beat the competition

by delivering your upgrades to market at lightning speed

Improve the customer experience

by addressing their feedback faster than they have seen from any other software vendor

Increase your average selling price

by adding more and more value for prospects and customers

Product Managers

Create a digital experience to go alongside your product

Create an amazing customer experience

with mobile or web apps that support your product offering

Get to market faster

by focusing your own resources on your core competency, and leave the digital experience to Appify

App Solution Providers

Sell your own apps to customers (powered by Appify)

Expand your offering

And give your consultants the ability to sell apps along with services

Add more apps

Iterate, customize, and launch as many apps as your customers might need

Easily integrated with your own tech

Quickly integrate with your current technology stack offering with Appify’s RESTful APIs, and built-in connectors

Platform Solution Providers

A Platform with your branding, built on top of your own data source and existing technology stack

Create your own starter apps

to help customers get started configuring their own apps

Deliver training, services, and support

to help customers learn how to configure apps in the new no-code way

Develop a center of excellence

to help all customers increase their agility with no-code platforms

Join the Program!

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Once you join the program you’ll have access to technical support, application builder support, Go-To-Market Support, and associated training materials. We keep the pricing simple so you know what your platform costs will be as you scale.

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